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I think Arthur would prefer to see him alive.


FitzSimmons in 1x18 “Providence” (x)

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Fitz in “Providence” 1x18 (x)

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Have you even read Moby Dick? Because I haven’t. The point is step away from Jemma.


is anyone else expecting fitz to install some kind of bug in simmons’ jacket so that if triplett gets to close her jacket starts screaming like a car alarm.


buffy appreciation week: day 2 • favourite pairing or friendship

buffy summers and willow rosenberg


fitz complains about being it being too cold 

simmons smirks and tells him she likes his beanie 

this leaves fitz flustered and blushing like an idiot


but guys…what if it’s Triplett who insinuate that Fitz has romantic feelings for Simmons. Like the three of them are talking, and Fitz is acting all jealous, and Triplett is just fed up and tell Fitz something like “You don’t get to be jealous when someone is showing interest in her if you haven’t told her how you really feel”

"It’s times like these you stick with the guy you believe in."
— Leo Fitz (via michysminions)